We supply a huge range of roofing accessories to complement your roofing project. simply select from the categories below and either order online or call us for advice & guidnace. Our number is 1300 886 944

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  • Roofing Fasteners

    Easy and convenient SHOPPING online for all your requirements in metal roofing fasteners. AUSTRALIA wide delivery is available.

    Available in a range of sizes and finishes, from plain to colours to match your COLORBOND® roofing and cladding. Our range of products include tek screws, self tapping screws, magnetic hex socket head, wafer self drilling screw, pop rivets, foil fasteners and more. 

    Simply select the roofing screw or fastener you require then click "SELECT & BUY" to adjust quantities. 

  • Gutter Guard

    More blocked gutters! Manufactured in Melbourne, our aluminium Gutter Guard is available in either plain or painted COLORBOND® colours. With a ZERO fire rating, installing the gutter guard system is simple and easy on both tiled and metal roofs. Order on line today or call us on 1300 886 944.

  • Foam Strips

    Purchasing of End Closure Foam Infill Strips is easy and convenient. Simply select your required profile and quantity. FAST delivery AUSTRALIA WIDE with same day processing of orders. 

    Current end closure infill strip profiles available include corrugated, greca and trimdek in both top and bottom. Also available for purchasing is the ever popular “Fire Tape” This tape protects against ember attacks, stops rats, mice etc from entering your roof space, reduces heat loss and noise.

  • Roofing Tools

    Not only do we supply the best roofing products online, we also supply a range of high quality roofing tools to help you get the job done faster.  If you are not sure what tools you need, call us on 1300 886 944 to discuss the best options for you.

  • Downpipe Accessories

    We supply a range of Downpipe Accessories including: Pops/nozzles, Downpipe clips and a lot more. Simply select the downpipe accessory you need and order online below or call us on 1300 886 944.

  • Fascia Accessories

    We supply a range of Fascia Accessories including: Fascia mitres, covers, rafter clips and a lot more. Simply select the Fascia accessory you need and order online below or call us on 1300 886 944.

  • Adhesive Products
    This category contains all of teh adhesive based products that we supply. Many of these products will help you complete your project.
    If you can't find what you are looking for, try the search bar just below the main menu.
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Showing 1 - 27 of 75 items
Showing 1 - 27 of 75 items