COLORBOND® Barge Capping Roof Flashing


COLORBOND® Barge capping roof flashing. 

Waterproof the junction between the fascia or barge board and roof sheeting, providing an attractive finish to the roof. 

If you need custom made flashings we’re happy to customise any measurements to suit your needs - please download order form at bottom of page. 

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Barge Capping Roof Flashing:COLORBOND®

Barge cappings are fitted to water proof the junction bewteen the fascia or the barge board and the roof sheeting - providing an attractive finish to the roof.

 These flashings are usually right angled flashings installed at each end wall where the end wall sheets meet the roof sheeting and a water proof capping is required to seal the property. They are also available in custom made designs to suit your specific requirements. 

♦ Measurements- 10mm hook, 75mm rise, 140mm accross the roof with a 10mm break at the end.

♦ If you would like to ammend these measurements at all, please let us know in the comments box at the end of your order.

♦ Feel free to download our order sheet and contact us if you require a custom made flashing.                  

COLORBOND® Roof Flashing

The house roof is an integral a good looking and also classy with ease of maintenance. None of us desires to have water leaking or sewage issues in our house roofs which would destroy our house's roof. To limit these water leaks and also seepage from your house roof it is necessary to have a great roof flashing installed on your house. Many contractors even believe roof flashings as their ultimate weapon against water infiltration and seepage issues. All homeowners who make safe purchasing of Roof Flashing from, always have a testimony as the online shop has most convenient and secure online ordering.They retail at lowest prices, fast delivery as they are Trusted Australian BlueScope Steel roofing, buyers ever feel safe. Flashings are normally made up of various kinds of materials. They may be made of COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® metal. The COLORBOND® proves to be a more popular amongst builders, just because it is long lasting. Also, COLORBOND® is favoured as the main building supply for roof flashings since it is easy to be cut into sheets. It is very easy to utilise a roof flashing arrangement. Flashings are established in all the places where various roof surfaces meet. It is further used at the edges, vents, dormers, roof peaks, skylights and several other places also. It is also necessary to install roof flashings in such areas and also seal those roof flashings to guarantee no leakages are formed that could create damage to your home. There is other place where it is very important to install roof flashing. That place is along the bottom edge of the roof, also known as the drip edge. Flashing is essential here to prevent moisture and water from trickling under roofing material edge. If water does go into, then it can spread throughout the underlayment and shingles, and cause a lot of damage. During winter, the edge area also has a tendency to accumulate water. DIYs and contractors alike all get best service and shopping experience from, Trusted Australian BlueScope Steel roofing, their deals are always safe and secure.

Buying Metal Roof Flashing Online And The Bottom Line.

A roof is among the most integral parts of a home or a commercial building. Ordering roof flashing online or by a phone from metal roofing online has made finding roofing materials quite simple. At metal roofing online you find custom made roofing flashing materials that fit your cladding requirements for your next project. The will find roof flashing and other roofing materials readily available in various forms and can be customised according to suit your needs. Ordering roof flashings and other roofing materials from metal roofing online have the following advantages: Lowest prices. Roofing flashings and other materials are priced relatively low and competitively. So, everyone working on whatever budget can be able to shop metal roofing materials from us for their next project. Fast delivery. Metal roofing online staffs deliver products for you within the shortest time possible after ordering. Some flashing products are able to be made same day, some products ordered are delivered within 3 - 4 days coupled with friendly staffs who pay close attention to details. Secure and easy online ordering. Ordering roof flashings online or via a phone call from material roofing online is pretty easy and simple. You access the site sign up by filling out your details and then continue to shop for what you want. The website is also designed with the latest technology that enhances safety issues. Materials are made using Trusted Australian BlueScope Steel. Roof flashings and other materials that they deal with are made from the trusted Australian BlueScope Steel. Thus, you will be assured that you are buying the best flashings for your home or commercial building available. Finally, all the roof flashings that we sell are made up using metal strips commonly folded in either colorbond or Zincalume steel, which are attached to both walls and roofs. When homeowners and other DIY builders are buying flashings materials from metal roofing online, they should ensure the right colour that matches the exterior and style of their buildings. You can call the company representatives or email them for more clarifications.


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