55mm Roofing Insulation Blanket and Foil-15m Roll.


Purchase Our most popular Insulation Product - ROOF INSULATION Building blanket faced with reflective foil laminate.

15 metre roll - covers 18 square metres per roll. 

Thickness - 55mm with reflective foil laminate.

R value - 1.3

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Purchase Roofing Insulation Blanket and Foil 55mm 

15 metre roll - covers 18 square metres per roll
Thickness - 55mm with reflective foil laminate.

Width: Foil 1350

Width: Blanket 1200
R Value - 1.3
♦ A cost effective insulation barrier which is installed under all roofs.  Reduce your buildings heating & cooling costs. It also provides control of condensation and reduces outside noise.

♦ When installing- the foil should face down into the roof space, and the blanket should face up against the under side of the roofing sheets.

♦ Insulation is essential to reduce fuel bills, control condensation, retard heat flow and reduce unwanted noise created by rain and expansion and contraction of the roof.

♦ Rain noise is particularly noticeable in metal roofing and it is strongly recommended that blanket insulation be pressed up tightly against the underside of the sheeting to minimise noise caused by rain and hail. This serves dual requirements of thermal insulation and sound reduction.

♦ Insulation blanket should be run at no less than 20mm into your guttering to stop capillary action sucking water up into the blanket making it soaking wet.

♦ Does not catch on fire or conduct electricity

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♦ Condensation : How it occurs!
The underside of a roof often provides conditions under which condensation of water vapour will occur. In cooler weather, roofs can become several degrees cooler than the outside air temparature. As a result, the air in the roof space may be cooled by contact with the roof. This depression of temparature is often sufficent to cause condensation as air is cooled, it's ability to hold water vapour dimishes. The amount of condensation will depend on the amount of water vapour in the air and this varies with climatic conditions.  Flat roofs are more prone to condensation than steep or pitched roofs.
Please note-
15 metre roll - covers 18 square metres per roll
Thickness - 55mm with reflective foil laminate.

R Value - 1.5



Roofs serve both an aesthetic and practical option. However, its primary role is to shield the occupants of the property against the elements. However, despite advances in roofing technology as well as building techniques, a substantial amount of heat enters the home, making it hotter during the summer while during the cooler season, a great amount of heat leaves the home. These woes translate to numerous problems including discomfort, increased electrical consumption and even increased carbon footprint. It is for these very reasons that it is advisable to use insulation materials like a roof insulation blanket. WHY USE A ROOF INSULATION BLANKET Home construction technology has come so far that it’s no longer enough to simply put a roof over your heads. These days, it’s best to put a roof insulation blanket underneath it to improve living conditions in your home. How does a simple insulation roll achieve this? It is made possible by the barrier material that effectively protects your home from a list of issues, including anything from extreme climatic conditions to high energy expenses, to noise, etc. The following are some of the known benefits of roof insulation in blanket or roll form. THERMAL INSULATION This is a cost-effective solution for keeping your home warmer in the cold months, or cooler, in the hot season. It turns your house into a veritable refuge, a safe cocoon from the elements. Usually made of recycled glass bottles, and faced with a reflective foil laminate, insulation blankets rolls are a great option for insulation against heat conduction. REDUCED ENERGY COSTS With a roofing blanket, you can cut your energy bills since your artificial cooling or heating systems don’t have to work so hard to make the temperature within your home comfortable. For a more fuel efficient living space, it is best to partner this insulation solution with other energy conserving features such as the right shading for windows and seals for doors to weather strip them for the winter months. CONDENSATION CONTROL Varying temperatures from within and outside your home can cause condensation to form on the underside of your roof or wall. This could lead to damage and the breeding of mould. To spare yourself from the nuisance of repair and possible hazards on your health, roll out insulation underneath your roof. With a blanket that is faced with a moisture barrier sheet, the condensation can be controlled. FIRE PROTECTION
The material used for a roofing blanket does not catch fire or conduct electricity, which means that the transfer of substance decreases during incidents of fire. It effectively prevents embers from sparking the roof since the blanket is not flammable.  ACOUSTIC INSULATION There are people who love the pitter-patter or more insistent drumming of rain on metal roof, but others find it distracting and noisy. With an insulation blanket pressed tightly up against roof sheets, rain and hail noise becomes muted. This sound reduction property is an attractive bonus for those who can’t stand the watery cacophony.


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