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Brisbane COLORBOND® Roofing Mini Corrugated / Mini Orb iron sheeting is a mini corrugated iron profile.

Cover of sheets: 820mm. Rib height 6mm

Delivery takes approx 7 working days. 

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COLORBOND® Roofing Mini Corrugated / Mini Orb iron sheeting is a mini corrugated profile, which is a stylish traditional profile using fine ribs evenly spaced across the sheet.

MINI ORB® is a profile which is suitable for use in interior or exterior applications on straight or curved surfaces. It has the same traditional shape as Corrugated Iron but on a much reduced scale.  Its subtle profile is a perfect complement to other metal sheet profiles to provide a "contrasting" surface as an accent feature. It is primarily used for decorative finishes on walls, ceilings and soffit linings; feature walls and partitions; and screens and small awnings not subject to any foot traffic.

Why Your Colorbond Roofing Requires Expert Care

Your roofing system is such an integral part of your property. Its style can affect the appearance of your home. Its material can influence the welfare of your property, keeping it protected from harsh weather. Both form and function, though, will live up better to their purposes when a professional roofer is involved. It’s a Big Roof Unless you live in a granny flat or have “converted” to the tiny house culture, your home is likely to have a big roof. A big roof will require several sheets of Colorbond roofing. Once you have purchased your Colorbond sheets from a reputable online supplier, you need to know how to store them properly—if you are not installing them right away.  And if you are installing them upon delivery, then you need to have one or two other people helping you get the sheets up on the roof. Then you need to place them correctly, using the proper screws and fastening techniques. One small mistake in the process could mean finding leaks and signs of wear sooner than you think. Expert Roofers Get the Job Done Professional roofers are trained and certified to do roof installation. They will do it properly, applying the right laying procedure to secure weather-tightness. They will do it safely, carefully walking on the pans, for corrugated roofing. And they will make sure that your Colorbond roof stays strong and appealing for as long as needed.Expert roofers will also have the right tools for the job. Whether it’s an installation project or repair work, professional roofers will have everything they need. You never have to worry about making a trip to the hardware store to get tools and screws. Another good reason to rely on expert roofers instead of a DIY project is the guarantee most services have on their work. Professional guarantee on installation or repairs can save you money on future expenses. Metal roofing, like Colorbond sheets, is not cheap compared to other roofing materials. But you can discover savings through a reputable online supplier. When you buy your Colorbond sheets online, you might pay less than you would when you buy from a traditional hardware store. Maintaining the savings you get from Web shopping means having your roofing sheets installed properly or repaired expertly. Otherwise, the money you saved from your purchase could go toward mistakes during installation or hospital bills should an accident occur while you’re working at a height.


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